Advice from last year’s graduates

Some words of wisdom from last year's survivors....

  • Start training as soon as possible. Train on different terrains, not all on roads. And enjoy the experience, it’s an amazing journey!
  • Include training on MBT in rough terrains, and hill walking with a heavy rucksack in your preparation plan. 
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare! Even if you think you are prepared, prepare more…
  • When the training is tough and you want to give up, push through it – it is so worth it when you get to Namibia.
  • Don’t underestimate it, this is a serious challenge. The more prepared you are the more you will enjoy it. Start training early.
  • Get in touch with a good physio to help with your recovery and injury prevention – it may be the best money you have ever spent.
  • Don’t forget to get in contact with the Ambassadors – they are here to help you on your journey to Namibia.