Lanzarote Kit List

Lanzarote Kit List


  • It would help hugely if all graduates travel with soft bags – maximum 15 kg per person (please find necessary kit list below)
  • You will also need a rucksack on this trip – this is essential. This will act as you ‘day bag’ and doubled up as your hand luggage when flying. You do not need anything technical. Just something that will hold you essentials for the day.


Kit list:

3 x sets of cycling gear (including padded shorts)

3 x sets of running kit (normal running shoes – if you have trail shoes bring them as well)

1 x set of sports kit for Gerrard Hartmann stretching sessions

2 x drinks bottles for MTB bikes

1 x Head torch

1 x Cycling Helmet


MTB SPD Cycling Shoes – please make sure cleats are attached to bottom of shoes.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Fingerless Cycling gloves

Shower proof jacket (lightweight)

Warm clothes

Rucksack (to put in the van with some warm clothes for use during the day and will be used for the hike for carrying food and water).

Camelback for running and cycling (not essential)

Sun Cream and Chamois Cream

Bandanna and neck scarf (optional)

Casual clothes for the evening


If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Please stick to a 15kg bag limit plus rucksack and helmet. Energy bars, water, fruit, nuts and isotonic electrolytes tablets to drop in your water bottles will be provide throughout the weekend

Please also purchase Medi-Dyne Stretchrite Exercise Strap, to take with you to Lanzarote. You are going to be using this in your two stretching sessions with Gerard Hartmann. You can find these on Amazon or the Medi-Dyne official website.